A technology partner who is aligned to your
business objectives

Ajay Mohan, CEO

"Our managed delivery approach removes the uncertainities associated with systems development and allows you to focus on growing your business."

Managed Solutions

Our technology and domain experts assume responsibility for end-to-end delivery of software solutions.

Beyond delivery, we ensure effective transition to sustainable operational models by empowering your support teams or leveraging our global operations centers.


Product Development

Accelerate your time to market with our experienced product development teams.

Take your product from the whiteboard to market in record time. Our engineers assist you through the entire product development lifecycle in a fluid approach that allows continuous market validation and feedback to drive the product design and roadmap.


Data Center Scaling

Systems availability, performance, and support are critical to your clients and employees. Unfortunately, these typically come with very big price tags.

At ISHI, our system engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve data center efficiency, scaling and service quality. Our goal is to enable sustainable and profitable operating models of our clients.

Learn how we leverage Apache Mesos to reduce infrastructure footprint by 50% for a real-time, high availability system.


Let's not reinvent the wheel every time. Our mature frameworks accelerate

systems development and ensure quality.


Know fast... know more... with actionable intelligence gathered from real-time data streams.

RapidEye is a highly scalable stream-processing framework can collate, process, analyze, and index multiple high frequency data streams in real-time. RapidEye offers a simplified approach and toolkit for building knowledge based systems.