Our Automated Summons Processing System for Local Governments (ASPLG) helps to reduce overheads for local governments in responding to court appearance requests directed at city police departments. This solution can help cities and municipalities to significantly reduce summons processing errors while ensuring huge savings through reduced overtime payments. We developed this system based on the core principles of information security, scalability and non-repudiation.

Summons Processing Challenges Faced by Local Governments
Government entities such as city halls, sheriff’s offices and police departments are inundated with requests from courts and other legal entities such as the State Attorney’s office for court appearance by police officers to testify during legal proceedings. Additional summons/subpoenas are also received for information. Cities often face some or all of the following challenges when dealing with these requests:

  • Pressure to respond in a timely manner and meet court appearance commitments to avoid contempt-of-court proceedings
  • Large volume of subpoenas to be processed
  • Additional overheads if the officer is unavailable or there are scheduling conflicts and the follow-up that needs to be done using a paper-based process
  • Need to keep track of court appearances and time spent by police officers at court to comply with overtime payment requirements

Our Solution

Our Secure Workflow Solution for Automated Summons Processing allows towns to:

  • record and track summons requests
  • timely notification to summons issuers about summons receipt, acceptance and/or inability to appear
  • adopt automated workflow that reduces turnaround time
  • eliminate overheads in legal review, data retrieval and quality assurance
  • address security challenges and protect sensitive information (police officer schedules, case data)
  • have complete visibility to the progress of summons processing through comprehensive reporting
  • optionally utilize managed services to outsource day-to-day processing of summons

Ishi’s Automated Summons Processing System for Local Governments can be deployed in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Model or as a Custom Application. Ishi will work with town administrators and assigned stakeholder representatives from summons issuing offices to customize the application for specific requirements during the implementation.

Please contact us to find out more about our Automated Summons Processing System for Local Governments.

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