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Whether you are a wireless carrier looking to increase your average revenue per user (ARPU), a local business looking to improve your customer engagement or a consumer brand looking to create buzz with a cool tool, Location Based Services (LBS) that leverage location awareness capabilities of smartphones offer you a viable platform to do so.

Ishi is at the forefront of enabling brand managers, entrepreneurs and wireless VAS visionaries build LBS solutions such as:

  • analytics and decision support solutions based on location/proximity data
  • mobile local advertising
  • micro-targeting for in-mall, real-time advertisement delivery
  • mobile-to-social media integration
  • advanced O/S level programming to leverage enhanced GPS capabilities of smartphones
  • back-end solutions for wireless carriers
  • location aware OEM solutions for device makers
  • local government solutions including enhanced emergency services (e.g., E911)
  • fleet management solutions
  • driver risk/behavior tracking for insurance

With Ishi, you can quickly leverage public service information, traffic data, weather data, local business information (proximity data), etc. to develop innovative, engaging and profitable offerings. We ensure interoperability while rapidly delivering LBS solutions for devices connected by wireless data platforms/protocols such as EDGE, HSDPA, W-CDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA, EV-DO, LTE, WiMAX, etc. With our standards based approach, we ensure that all our LBS solutions can be easily extended and/or integrated with third party data sources and applications as required.

If you are looking for end-to-end product development services, we can even help you obtain early customer feedback to fine-tune your product offerings before the actual application development effort begins.  Through our alliances with wireless carriers globally, we can even help you accelerate your go-to-market and monetization plans.

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