Don’t let technology drive how your product functions and what your users can expect it to look like.

With software products, user experience is of paramount importance. In recent years, usability features available in financial services applications, online banking, mobile applications, comparison shopping sites, ecommerce and social media sites have gone through a revolution of sorts. With such increasing exposure to high-end usability features, enterprise users now expect the same level of usability and rich features in their business applications.

At Ishi, with our focus on product development, user experience goes beyond the typical easy-to-use, good looking graphical interfaces. We work with customers and end users to enhance and optimize application flows to make our products and solutions intuitive and easy to use. Such partnership and collaboration help us to consistently deliver enhanced user experience in all our solutions.

We believe that users must be best left to achieve specific application goals fluently than be burdened with the need to understand UI technologies or interpret what the UI designers had in mind whilst designing application interfaces. We do this by observing and analyzing usage scenarios and usage patterns along with understanding business goals and functional requirements. For consumer facing applications and services, we even do extensive competitive benchmarking to understand market trends and consumer needs.

So, whether you are looking at enhancing usability features in your consumer application or building a brand new enterprise application, Ishi can help you charm your application users. Contact us to find out how!


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