Validate your choice of technologies up front using Proof-of -Concepts

Should you or should you not? Will there be sufficient return on investment? How can the user response be gauged before you invest in detailed analysis, development and testing? Ishi can help you tackle these issues with proof of concept implementations that are stakeholder friendly and ensure better requirement analysis.

Our customers typically use Proof-Of-Concepts to:

  • Examine the viability of new technologies
  • For practical comparison of different implementation models and/or tools
  • Create early buy-in on technology initiatives

Additionally, if you are developing a new product or looking to improve an existing product, we can help you create early stage prototypes to enable validation of your ideas, receive customer and/or stakeholder feedback, etc. Such prototypes may vary from portal mock-ups for market research on new products to solution prototypes with implementation of the business tier.

To know how Ishi’s technology capability can bring your vision to reality faster, contact us.

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