Reach over 3 billion wireless users in over 200 countries with Intelligent Mobile Messaging

Apart from voice communications, Short Message Service (SMS) is the most widely used form of communication among mobile phone users. In addition, text messaging can also be used for data communication between enterprise servers and mobile phones. SMS applications that deliver stock quotes, perform inventory lookups, process credit card transactions or analyze handle TV game show audience responses are now commonplace.

Ishi offers Intelligent Mobile Messaging solutions that are feature rich, secure and highly responsive. Based on your needs, these solutions can be built very rapidly on Ishi’s managed service platform and integrated to your internal solutions.  With our platform, you get:

  • API based capability to integrate with your existing enterprise applications
  • Single-point of access to messaging services for operators world-wide
  • 2-way messaging based on localized Long Numbers in several countries
  • Extremely fast message delivery, with delivery status
  • An intuitive portal to manage your services, subscriber numbers and Long Numbers
  • Ability to retain messages for future analysis
  • Ability to reliably transport binary or text content
  • Highly-secure platform
  • Powerful query, analysis and automated alerting

Contact us to learn how you can rapidly deploy mobile messaging services using one of the most cost-effective and reliable Intelligent Mobile Messaging platforms available today.

Whether you want to engage your user community through a social media application, realize revenues through a mobile payment solution or empower your enterprise users with a financial application, we can help. Contact us to find out the various ways you can leverage mobile messaging and rapidly deploy stable, scalable and secure mobile messaging solutions.

For enterprise with the need for secure mobile messaging needs, Ishi also provides Encrypted SMS Solutions. Click here to learn more about Ishi’s Encrypted Mobile Messaging solutions.

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