UI best practices can help drive end user adaption and satisfaction

With enterprise users seeing more and more of the consumer applications that they use outside of work becoming more user friendly and feature rich, they are demanding better usability standards in applications that they use at work. This is compounded by mobile and SaaS paradigms which have showcased major leaps in usability standards innovation. Enterprise users today expect their applications to have interfaces that are simple, intuitive and responsive to allow them to get more done in less time.

Our approach to User Interfaces Best practices is two-pronged:

  1. Focus on better design
  2. Leveraging the right technologies

Focus on Better Design
Through our usability expertise, we are constantly seeking ways to incorporate new developments and original ideas in UI design to make our interfaces simple and intuitive. We achieve this not just through good looking designs, but also by incorporating specialized controls and by incorporating contextual sensitivity into application navigation. While doing this, we also leverage our Agile Requirements Engineering process to obtain ongoing feedback on improving the look & feel and navigation from the end-users’ perspective.

Contact us to find out how your user community can benefit from our curiosity, interest and expertise in interface standards.

UI Technologies
We leverage a number of current and emerging UI technologies to:

  • make our interfaces responsive and functional
  • improve overall application throughput without jeopardizing user experience
  • avoid waste and additional investments in licensing fees and hardware costs

Contact us to learn more about how our comprehensive approach to user experience can help you enhance your end-user satisfaction.

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