Experience end-to-end risk mitigation

In a highly competitive market, amid changing requirements and shrinking budgets, a staggering 55% of IT projects are scrapped or have overruns on budget and schedule.

At Ishi, Project Management is not just an operating expense, but a complete methodology. All our associates, whether they are architects, designers, team leads or developers, are trained to plan and assess risk.

Established protocols to ensure visibility and control

Our Project Management process is based on Agile Principles and the Five Sigma methodology. It is geared towards giving business owners and stakeholders clear visibility into the status and progress of projects through a well-defined set of processes, policies, standards and tools. The process is agile in its ability to adapt to business needs such as:

  • Communication Requirements
  • Risk Scenarios
  • Prototyping/ Early Release (if required)
  • Product/Business Feature Lists
  • Scope Changes

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