Agility where it helps; Process where it doesn’t.

The benefits of Agile based Software Delivery are now widely accepted. However, we often find enterprise IT managers talking about how over the years, they have seen some of the “rituals” associated with Agile Methodologies have begun to impact productivity and quality than help them meet their project goals. In our experience with Agile Development, we have learnt to avoid such pitfalls and focus on what works to get feature-optimized, high-quality software in the hands of end users quickly.

While we have embraced daily stand up meetings, firm deadlines, continuous integration, automated testing, rapid iterations, etc.; we still have well defined roles within our teams, non-disruptive windows for our release management and an overlapping approach to moving through dynamic project phases that start with early requirements engineering and go on to launch/production transition.

Thus, when working with Ishi, our clients benefit from a well-balanced mix of capabilities, assets and processes. Please visit the following pages to learn more about what makes us a reliable partner for your next enterprise application engineering project or product development initiative:

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