Thought leadership to help you pick right fit solutions

In a rapidly changing market, we can help optimize technology in your business. Having worked with companies across industry segments, Ishi is expertly positioned to provide the counsel, services, and products required to optimize the technology your business is and should be deploying.

Ishi’s Technology Selection experts make buy versus build decisions on your behalf after an in depth product review and evaluation against the business requirements. So you don’t have to worry about what is available, what fits or running a business while fighting off vendors.

Our Buy vs. Build process ensures that we work closely with clients’ executive and technical staffs to align technology strategy with business goals. Buy vs. Build begins with a Functional Requirement Analysis that includes gathering requirements from business experts and agreeing upon an evaluation criteria matrix that paves the way for the selection of a product that meets your business requirements.

Once the requirement matrix is in place, the Product Evaluation stage helps us short list features, product and vendors while evaluating exacting criteria such as functionality, technology, training requirements and timeframes, implementation scope, as well as support and maintenance needs.

At the end of the evaluation phase, we present the findings and reasons for short-listing vendors to the sponsors and business owners. Short-listed vendors are evaluated for final selection through a Request For Proposal (RFP), before the next stage of Demo/Prototype and Final Selection.

The ‘Buy’ route simplifies several aspects of a solution implementation while introducing other complexities. Any selected product or solution requires several rounds of customization to enable deployments in line with the business requirements.

That’s why, once the final selection is in place, we perform a Gap Analysis to ensure that the gaps are sufficiently managed for a successful rollout.

What’s more, we leverage our capability in Business Integration to achieve the challenges of integration, data discrepancy, coupling and service enablement of solutions.

At Ishi, we understand both business value and technology. Contact us to to learn more about how we can help you.


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