Offshore solutions that won’t keep you up at night…

The trouble with traditional Offshore IT Outsourcing is that its actual cost savings are not as high as you would expect. Then there are issues of low productivity and poor quality of work. With risk mitigation and the need for expensive onshore resources to handle rework factored in, some offshore projects cost as much as engaging large system integrators locally.

So what’s the alternative to low quality offshoring or high-cost onshore consulting?

Blended Offshore-Onshore Delivery
We’ve extensively researched decision makers in large and medium size enterprises and found that they experienced a number of common issues such as quality, communication, resource churn and rework when it comes to offshore IT outsourcing.  Hence, we created a “blended offshore-onshore delivery model”. With this model, each customer is assigned a local project manager and a software architect at our Jersey City office who meet with the customer’s business and IT teams regularly. This model along with our Agile Methodologies based delivery help us to:

  • eliminate time zone related coordination and communication issues
  • enable visibility and control comparable to co-located teams based in the US
  • facilitate business feedback loops though storyboarding and rapid iterations
  • enable face-to-face requirements sessions and design discussions
  • enhance application flows and interfaces through feedback based user experience capability
  • provide offshore cost advantages

End-to-End Offshore Delivery
Along with our blended Onshore –Offshore Delivery Model, we also provide an End-to-end Offshore Delivery Model wherein all of your software development can be handled by our team in India offering great cost advantages.  As with our onshore delivery, all engagements executed by our offshore teams follow Ishi’s Agile based delivery processes.  This ensures transparency, speed, collaboration and quality in rapidly taking your applications or products from ideation and discovery to production and monetization.

Contact us to learn more about our offshore facility in India and about how your company can benefit from our offshore services.


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