Give your idea the right technology expertise to back it

We utilize our Agile Project Management processes and our overall Agile based software delivery model to support our application development engagements while Ishi architects and designers ensure that business requirements are effectively backed by superior technology architecture for sustained returns on your investments.

From addressing requirements based on their priority to enabling iterative releases for ensuring easier acceptance and faster returns, Ishi’s solutions are comprehensive, not over-engineered. This approach ensures that our solutions align with your enterprise IT strategy and enable simpler support functions.

Ishi’s Enterprise Applications solutions address the challenges faced by Business Managers. A strong enterprise computing core helps us deliver solutions which are enterprise class covering multiple non-functional aspects. We work with platforms such as JEE and .NET and ensure adherence to industry best practices to build solutions for:

Proof of Concept Implementations

Should you or should you not? Will there be sufficient return on investment? How can the user response be gauged before launching the project? Ishi can help you tackle these issues with proof of concept implementations that are stakeholder friendly and ensure better requirement analysis. Contact us to learn more about PoCkit, our Proof-Of-Concept Methodology.

Operations Support Systems

Operational activities should be optimized to reach the dual goal of reduced overhead and increased efficiency. With our proven capability in analyzing operational processes, we deliver support solutions with the following features:

  • Management Reporting and Dashboards
  • SLA Management
  • Messages and Notifications (exception management)

Enterprise Information Consolidation Systems

We can help you meet the challenge of different information needs: be it employees, vendors, partners or clients, through a consolidated interface. Ishi’s Portal Solutions present a consolidated view of enterprise information and services, targeting information that needs to be modified, reviewed, published and maintained on a periodic basis with low operational overheads.

To know how Ishi’s technology capability can bring your vision to reality faster, contact us.

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