Resume Submission and Application FAQ

Are all the job postings on the open positions page current?
Yes. We are currently hiring for all the positions posted on the “Open Positions” page.

Why have some of these open positions been posted for a long time?
These are positions for which we are hiring on an ongoing basis. As explained above, all positions listed on the “Open Positions” page are current.

Can I submit my resume online?
Yes, please submit your resume online at apply online or visit the current listings page to apply for specific positions. You can also email your resumes to

How soon can I expect a response from Ishi Systems?
Your resume is promptly entered into our resume database and is made available to our recruiters. A recruiter will contact you if an open position matches your skills and background.

When should I reapply if I do not hear from a recruiter at Ishi Systems?
As you may acquire new skills and may gain experience in new areas, you could apply again in three months if you do not hear from us.

Can I submit someone else’s resume online?
If you are a current employee at Ishi, you can refer someone you know through iRefer, the Ishi employee referral program. Details of the program may be found at Ishi’s Employee Portal. If you are not an employee currently and would like to refer someone for employment with Ishi Systems, please send an email to and we will get in touch with you.

Benefits FAQ

What healthcare benefits are provided by Ishi Systems?
Please see our benefits section for a complete list of our employee benefits

How can I find out more about employee benefits provided by Ishi Systems?
Please see our benefits section for a complete list of our employee benefits. If you are currently in the interview/selection process with us, your Ishi Systems recruiter will be happy to provide answers to your queries related to benefits.

Work Authorization and Immigration FAQ

Do you sponsor Green Cards?
Yes, we sponsor Green Cards for eligible employees.

Does Ishi Systems sponsor H1B visas?
Yes, we sponsor new H1B visas for qualified applicants. We also sponsor transferring of H1B visas from other employers.

How soon can I start working for Ishi Systems once the H1B petition has been filed?
If you are currently in the US on H1B status, you are allowed to join once the petition for visa transfer has been filed with the USCIS.

If you do not currently have an H1B visa, you must wait until your petition has been approved by USCIS. Further, if your visa is valid from a later date, you must wait until that date to start your employment. E.g., if your visa is approved in June with a validity date of October 1st, you must wait till October to start your employment.

If I am on F-1 status with a practical training (OPT) work permit, can I join Ishi Systems?
Yes, we have an active university hiring program and will be happy to help you start/resume your career with your new qualification. Please submit your resume to

Recruiters and Placement Agencies FAQ

Do you accept resumes from recruitment agencies?
Ishi does not accept unsolicited agency resumes. Ishi will not pay fees to any third party agency or firm that does not have a signed, executed and valid Ishi Agency Agreement.

How can my agency become a recognized agency for recruitment services?
We periodically review our list of recognized agencies.  Click here and send your inquiry using our contact form. We will get in touch with you for more information when we review our list of preferred agencies.

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