Ishi was founded in 1994 to help solve business problems through the creative use of technology. We’re a growing group of like-minded problem solvers who believe in truly addressing the challenges of enterprise software: rather than burdening clients with jargon, unproven technology or mediocrity.

Powered by people
Entrepreneurship is an underlying ethic at Ishi. For us, technology is the tool to support our vision of creating a great firm, one that will survive our own lifetimes. Our commitment to building and fostering the right kind of talent ensures that the path we travel together as a team is as meaningful as the goal ahead.

A Living Company
Over the years, one of the hallmarks of Ishi’s success has been resilience. Our experiences through the years have been invaluable in shaping our approach to business and technology, as well as in developing our perspective on life and our place in the world. Our adherence to the ideal of the living company has helped us stay grounded, and we’ve outlasted trends, next big ideas and changing economic cycles. This operating principle has also demanded that we follow a path of organic growth: but it is a discipline that has sustained us in choppy times, and helped us redefine our capabilities, culture and core strengths.

Another challenge to our existence came on 9/11/2001. No one could have predicted what an effect this event would have on the fabric of the American economy, or how it would change the face of New York forever. Our largest client at the time was Marsh, Inc. and we worked with them on the 96th floor of Tower 1. We lost many dear friends that day, and believe that we should continue to honor their memory and what they stood for. In the days following the tragedy, we worked hard to restore services at Marsh and deployed everyone at Ishi to work with the families of Marsh employees to provide services, including a switchboard and a forum to exchange information. There was never any question in our minds about this. It was just the right thing to do.

The economic fallout from 9/11 called into question our ability to survive, but again, a return to our roots and our core values guided us towards the path of right action, and we were able to rescue the firm and begin the road to recovery. In the process, we weathered economic cycles, learned what we were made of, and redefined our capabilities, culture and core strengths.

Growth & Transformation
Over past few years, Ishi has emerged as a prominent and innovative, product development and software engineering firm in the New York City Metro Area. We provide bleeding edge solutions in High Performance Computing, Application Security, Mobile Computing, Mobile Application Development, Social Media and Cloud Computing among others.

Additionally, we now own a fully owned subsidiary in India that provides cost-effective offshore software services.

At Ishi, we believe that our commitment to our core principles and values; disciplined approach; and our ability to forge long-term relationships are strong foundations to build a firm that is respected and admired.

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