Built around the core values of Delivery, Quality and Creativity, Ishi Systems is an engineering firm empowering businesses with prudent and innovative IT as well as business process solutions. Ishi is founded on the vision of creating a living company and managed as a platform for entrepreneurship and learning that propels growth and evolution.

Since its inception, Ishi has been aligned with architectures and design-patterns that promote loose coupling for agility to process changes, software reuse for effectiveness and abstraction for ease of maintenance. Aligned with the progressive evolution of mechanisms for loose coupling, we embraced component-based architecture and subsequently service-oriented architecture, atop Java/JEE and .NET platforms. We also closely followed and adopted the tremendous opportunities posed by open source frameworks.

Based on the above principles, Ishi provides solutions in the spaces of software product development, enterprise application integration, enterprise architecture, mobile solutions, security solutions, global security consulting and business process outsourcing.

Ishi’s service delivery model consists of end-to-end project delivery by its in-house development team in Jersey City, NJ and offshore development provided through a fully owned subsidiary in India.

At Ishi, we believe in putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes — helping them make business-driven technology decisions. Our clients benefit from our deep understanding of business processes, the support of a strong software engineering core, the observance of development best practices and the application of knowledge that matters most to them.

Ishi is headquartered in Jersey City, NJ, which has emerged as an IT hub for many Fortune 500 companies and is located at Exchange Place North, just minutes away from New York City’s financial district.

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